Reading “Dancing on our Turtle’s Back”

Reading Schedule – Horaire de lectures
Week 1. ch.1 (21 pages)
Week 2. ch.2-3 (16+15 pages)
Week 3. ch.4 (19 pages)
Week 4. ch.5-6 (15+17 pages)
Week 5. ch.7-8 (21+9 pages)

Reading to Decolonize – “Guidelines for Decolonization” (Summer 2020)
On the first meeting of every Reading to Decolonize session, we hold a conversation about how we hope to read together, about method, about our intentions as a collaborative learning practice. Though our aim here is decolonization, we feel we settlers have much to learn from anti-racism work. For this reason, we want to begin this session by taking some advice from a guidebook that was produced to accompany Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility: Why It’s so difficult for White People to Talk about Racism (2011). Specifically, we want to learn from its identification of “patterns” of white responses current in conversations about racism, as a means to identifying patterns we have witnessed in ourselves and in our groups during conversations about decolonization.

Here are this session’s guidelines, adapted from the White Fragility Guidebook.
And here are the guidelines from last session.

Also worth a reread is Sandra Inutiq’s “Dear Qalunaat” letter (YellowHead Institute, 2019), which articulate the same kind of distinction we feel it important to make at the outset of these session, about what we are (and are not) here to learn.